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Custom manufacturing of 3D objects


Custom parts created by digital manufacturing for industrial applications

Get to know Tailored Materials

At Tailored Materials, we are convinced that the full potential of digital manufacturing can only be tapped with a holistic approach to the technology. Classical and computer-aided design, modern optimization algorithms, a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and applications, as well as fundamental knowledge of the utilized materials are combined to find the perfect solution for product development, innovation and modernization.

Covering all these areas of expertise can be a great burden for potential users. Our purpose is to ease this burden and offer quick and reliable solutions. Whether for simple manufacturing of parts or full-fledged consulting and project management: We are motivated to deliver professional top-quality results.

With our powerful partner network, we can accomplish everything from individual parts and prototypes to small-batch and serial production.

Take this opportunity to contact us and discuss your individual needs.

Versatile 3D manufacturing processes


3D Metal Printing

A large number of pure metals and alloys are available for industrial 3D metal printing. Complexity and durability do not have to be mutually exclusive. In our 3D metal printing service, we produce robust and durable parts tailored to your individual needs.


3D Plastics and Ceramics Printing

3D printing of plastics is a well-established technology, and more and more novel and highly specialized plastics are becoming available. More recently, 3D ceramics printing technology has matured and is now widely applicable. Stay on top of your game with the perfect material!


Additional Manufacturing Technologies

3D printing and Additive Manufacturing develop their full potential when used in complex designs. For situations in which this complexity is not needed, conventional methods like CNC machining, injection molding or metal casting may prove to be more cost-efficient. We are determined to always recommend the optimal method!


All 3D manufacturing services are available here


CAD Construction

Digital manufacturing is based on CAD models. As a full-service 3D printing provider, we offer a data check for your models. We are also happy to create a 3D model of your ideas from scratch. Take the opportunity to share your projects and ideas with us.



3D Print Consulting and Projects

We are happy to offer 3D print consulting and project management to help you materialize your visions! Let us accompany you on your path to a brighter future. Sign up for an appointment to discuss your questions and needs.



Functional Design

Modern 3D design and manufacturing methods enable the creation of custom parts with additional features such as lightweight construction, conformal cooling channels and much more. You can discuss your design ideas and additional features with the experts at Tailored Materials today!




Take advantage of our innovation consulting and make the leap from conventional to additive manufacturing technology today! By rethinking your projects in terms of design guidelines for additive manufacturing, you can save large amounts of material and streamline your workflow.



Innovate with Tailored Materials

Tailored Materials stands for Innovation driven by 3D design and digital manufacturing. While planning your parts and choosing a material and manufacturing method, your application, quality requirements, unit numbers, urgency and of course cost efficiency are considered. Our services may result in a number of advantages for your project and business:

  • Faster product development with strongly reduced expenses. This is accomplished by avoiding specific tooling cost and reducing the number of development iterations, as many design flaws can already be caught in the design phase.

  • Improved quality, performance and/or part lifetime achieved through optimized design and accurate material choice.

  • Increased design freedom with the option for additional functionality, such as lightweight construction and conformal cooling channels. Depending on the use case, optical, thermal, electrical and mechanical properties can be fine-tuned.

  • On-demand replacement parts. As 3D printing technology can operate without the need for specific tools or molds, the time for manufacturing and delivery can be greatly reduced in many cases.

Take this opportunity to ask for innovation consulting, modernization and project management!


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